Weekday Basic Photography Course

No time to attend evening and weekend lessons? Now we offer the basic photography as  weekdays afternoon lessons. Suitable for shift workers, stay at home parents who like to be able to control the DSLR camera.

What do you get? 3 lessons filled with hands on sessions.

Lesson 1 The basic of photography

  • Knowing your camera equipment
  • Understanding Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO
  • Understanding Focal length
  • Hands on practical session

Lesson 2 Advanced  Techniques

  • Understanding Composition Rules
  • Understanding Depth of Field
  • Controlling Motion – Freezing and Blurring motion, Panning
  • Natural Light Portrait photography
  • Hands on practical session

Lesson 3 Field Trip

  • To practise some of the techniques learnt in lesson 1 and 2
  • Low light / Night shoot

What will it cost you : S$220 and your time

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