Welcome to our photography courses website.  We aim to deliver high quality photography courses where active learning is encouraged.

Currently, we are offering the following courses :

Kallitype Printing Course – One of the most beautiful printing process that matches platinum printing. Learn how to coat, expose and develop the prints.

1.  Foundation Photography – For beginners or the amateur  who has been using the Auto mode . A DSLR is recommended although compact camera users will benefit from this course too.

Weekend course – Suitable for the working adult  

2.  Basic Photography – Weekdays lessons – For beginners or the amateur  who has been using the Auto mode.  

Conducted during weekday afternoons and evening so it is suitable for people who could not attend evening or weekend lessons.

3. Macro Art in Nature Course – Creating photo art in nature 

4. Training for schools  – Start them young. We provide basic and intermediate photography training for both primary and secondary schools. Contact us to find out more.

5. Customised Workshops  – For corporations or groups of individuals who like to have a customised training program designed to their needs. It could be a 3 hours workshop, 2 full days course or one to one private lessons. Contact us to find out more.

For registration, pls use the relevant registration page

We aim to provide the best Singapore Photography Courses and Workshops.