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Welcome to our photography course site.  We aims to deliver high quality photography courses where active learning is encouraged.


Cheng is a photographer that enjoys shooting in the outdoors. Dramatic close up of flowers and plants in their natural stunning colors are his favorites. His approach to photography is Simple, Natural, Appealing and Positive (SNAP). He feels a good photography should be able to touch a person’s heart without any additional words.

He also enjoys independent travelling and documenting life in other countries with his camera. Trained in both traditional and digital photography, he shoots in black and white film for monochrome works and digital camera for color works.

He enjoys sharing his travel tales and photos in magazine or blogs.


Kayhian is a free lance photographer whose passion is in monochrome photography. Since 1997, he has been shooting events, wedding and other forms of commercial photography but black and white photography remains his first love. You could almost says that he visualises in black and white. He has excellent traditional wet darkroom skills and is able to translate them into the digital darkroom.

Besides photography, Kayhian is an avid adventurer and traveller. During his trips, he put his photography skills into good use by capturing the beauty of the land and people he saw.

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2 Boys

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