B&W Film Photography Workshop


Have you been intrigued by Black and White Film Photography and would like to learn how to process your black & white film and print your own photo? There are lots of information on how to do so on the Internet but it is often easier to learn from an instructor. This short workshop will shows you how to develop your own 35mm, 120mm black and while film and introduction to darkroom printing.

Workshop outline : 

Lesson 1  (3 hrs) – Film Development

Students have to bring their own roll of exposed black and while film.

  • Introduction to film development equipment
  • Preparing develping chemicals
  • Loading film into developing reels
  • Developing, washing and  drying
  • Evaluating black and white negatives
  • Negative cutting and archival storage

Lesson 2 (3 hrs) – Basic Printing

Students have to bring their own developed negatives

  • Introduction to darkroom equipment
  • Preparing develping chemicals
  • Printing test strips
  • Printing a 5×7 print

Lesson 3 (3 hrs) – Advanced Printing

Students have to bring their own developed negatives

  • Printing 8×10 photos
  • Dodging and Burning a print

    Darkroom printing

    Darkroom printing

Duration :  Three session of 3hrs each . Date and time to be determined
Price : $550 per pax ( 1 to 1 class)
Date : This is a one to one workshop. If you have a friend who wishes to attend, it will be $600 for 2. Pls email inquiry@fotocourse.com to register your interest.